I write therefore I was

I’d never heard of Jamila Lysicott, the tri-tongued orator, before watching her 3 ways to speak English TED Talk on YouTube. I was so inspired by the way she delivered her message, that I Googled her. [1] There was a great deal of press about her. Wow! Who is this person? Turns out, she’s a nationally renowned motivational speaker, a social justice education scholar, spoken word artist, and educational consultant.

Lysicott’s credentials are impressive; however, I wasn’t expecting to feel I’d crossed paths with a kindred spirit. When I visited her website my inner genealogist felt a real connection as I read the simple quote at the bottom of her website’s landing page:

“Live like you’re going to be someone’s ancestor one day.”

I guess that’s why she’s a motivational speaker.

In line with Lysicott’s inspiring words, it’s always my hope that what I write will stand the test of time. [2]  I see writing as art no matter what the genre and I feel that what I write is more about the future and the past than the moment. [3]


[1] An ABC news article entitled, No Googling, says Google — unless you really mean it, states, “Google wants you — and the world — to stop using Google as a verb for looking up anything on the Internet — unless you actually used Google’s search engine to do so.”  Dear Google, I’m sorry. I will try and do better.

[2] I can’t seem to break free of those darn idioms. Oh, idiom, how do I escape thee?

[3] Except for chatting and texting, of course.

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