A Man of Steady Habits

UPDATE: This project’s website received the Spring 2019 New Media and Technology Award from the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Full Title: A Man Of Steady Habits: The Unsolved Murder Of Lonzy Haywood Minshew

Context: This project was an assignment in Digital Nonfiction (RHET 4347), part of the Professional and Technical Writing major at the University of Arkansas at Little RockDepartment of Rhetoric and Writing.  For this project I had to create my own work of digital nonfiction (referred to throughout the course as CYOWDNF). In addition to the CYOWDNF, I had to produce an artist’s statement. The work I chose to develop was an online narrative about my grandfather Lonzy’s 1963 unsolved murder.  I’ve been researching his case for nearly fifteen years and in the beginning days of my research  I created a website. I used this course as an opportunity to create a fresh digital narrative of my grandfather’s life, an artist’s statement that explained the site to my audience, and to revamp the entire site.  During the course, I also create a corresponding Google Tour called Mapping A Murder: Tracking A Killer Using Google Tour Builder.

Project Website: murderedman.wordpress.com