Hitchhiker’s HOTEL

Full Title: A Hitchhiker’s History of the English Language

Context: This project began as a final project for the class, ENGL 3311 History of the English Language, during my undergraduate year at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I was challenged to present, in the form of a digital presentation and in my own words, a history of the English language that incorporated a pre-selected set of terms and historical figures. I created a website that included my presentation, my history of the English language.[1]

The primary audience for both my presentation and website are persons such as myself: non-English majors navigating their first English language history class; challenged by the overwhelming volume of new and complex information and ideas. I collectively refer to this audience as the uninitiated.

I confess, History of the English Language (HOTEL) was an extemely difficult subject for me; however, it was equally fascinating – so much so that I’m now on a journey that I know won’t end in my lifetime. I’m hooked on everything to do with English language history. I continue to read, research, and learn about this multi-faceted subject as and when I find the time. While the website and presentation look to the past, they live in the present: It is my hope that both continue to offer a starting point and inspiration to others beginning this fascinating journey.

Project Website: hitchhikershotel.wordpress.com

[1] The technical writer in me took the opportunity to practice writing a technical explanation, detailing for the user how to best navigate the online presentation. See my presentation “Introduction” at hitchhikershotel.wordpress.com/portfolio/introduction.)