Alexander’s Stray Mare Research Project

Context:  This project is currently in progress. The project traces my fourth great grandfather, Alexander Standridge, as a case study to gain insights into motivating factors behind individuals migrating from the trans-Appalachian west to the region of Arkansas territory that became Carroll County.

Full Title: Alexander’s Stray Mare: Tracing an Ancestor from Georgia to Pre-territorial Arkansas

Project Artifacts:

  1. Online Digital Narrative <Visit>

Purpose: To apply research and nonfiction writing skills developed during my time on the Professional and Technical Writing major at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to a creative project.

Audience: Anyone interested in history, genealogy, or digital nonfiction.


Reflection: This project is allowing me to practically apply research and nonfiction writing techniques to a creative project. This project is not only enriching my personal life, but also contributing significantly to my academic development.

An ad I discovered in the Arkansas Gazette (Arkansas Post, Arkansas), 17 Nov 1834. Note: ‘A. T.’ denotes Arkansas Territory.  In 1834, Arkansas was not yet a state.


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