BUGS Team Project

Context: This project was an assignment in Writing for Business and Government (RHET 4306), part of the Professional and Technical Writing major at the University of Arkansas at Little RockDepartment of Rhetoric and Writing.

Full Title: Bayside United Green Squad (BUGS) Team Project

Project Artifacts:

  1. BUGHandout (deliverable) <View pdf>
  2. Best practice statement <View pdf>
  3. Email to Hughes
  4. Email to Ukaegbu <View pdf>
  5. Project specification <View pdf>
  6. Task schedule

Purpose: To practice working collaboratively as a team.

Audience: Community.

Development: Since this was our first time working together as a team, the first order of business was to collaborate as a team to draft a best practice statement. We discussed our ideas about best practice and eventually settled on how we felt the basic prose of the best practice statement should read.

BUGS Handout


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